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Can a website be handcrafted? We do it every day.

Recent Site Launches

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Hexagon Brewing
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Connors Steak & Seafood
(web design, SEO, photography, creative writing, menu design, social media)

Knoxville, TN Web DesignFor over a decade (a long time in our industry), we have provided individualized web strategies that meet our clients' expectations and budgets. Our web programming capabilities are wide-ranging, our projects are executed to a high level of precision, and our designs speak of originality and taste. Namey Design Studios can help you achieve a bigger, better online presence.

What sets us apart:

1) TOTAL INTEGRATION. Not only with your website, but with our capabilities. Having design, programming, photo, social and SEO under one roof means you get a quality product every step of the way.

Our websites don't come with any strings attached. You pay only the price we quoted, and only once. We've never exceeded a budget.

2) host your site wherever you like. If you need help registering a domain and host, we're there for you. Or, if your site is already online, we'll load your new and improved website onto the existing server. Simple as that.

3) HANDS DOWN THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Web designers are a dime a dozen, but someone who will recognize you as an individual and takes the time to explain anything and everything about websites ... well that's just priceless. We also work quickly and are extremely responsive. Some clients even claim that we reply to their emails quicker than they can send them.

4) ALL Original. Looking at our work, you'll notice that every site we make is totally unique, offering a distinct look that was crafted to each individual business. We take the time to help you stand out.

5) We don't Oversell or Overcomplicate. We believe in pure and simple messages delivered in a catchy but concise way. Based on your needs and expectations, we'll develop a web strategy that works for you ... not against you.


How much do websites cost?
That depends. If you've been browsing the internet today, chances are you checked out a website that cost $1,000, one that cost $10,000, and one that crested $100,000 or more. The point is, your website should cost as much as it takes to do the job right. In the end, a $30,000 investment that generates over $15 million dollars in sales over five years is well worth the cost (TRUE STORY, and we have lots of 'em).

BUT JUST FOR THE RECORD, our websites start at around $2-3k. After that, the sky is the limit!

What programming languages do you use?
All of them and/or whichever it takes. This can include HTML, PHP, Flash, jQuery and countless other proprietary and open-source languages. We are always working with the newest technology.

Will I be able to update my own website?
Yes, if you want to be able to update your website, we will make sure your strategy includes a content management system (CMS). Or, many of our ongoing clients prefer to have us manage their site for them, which makes perfect sense to us.

Don't forget ...

1) Photography will make or break a website. Make sure it's great.

2) Clients can spot a canned site from miles away;
just say no to templates!

3) We are worth every penny.

Knoxville TN Website Design 404-556-9072Namey Design Studios is a strategic web design, marketing and digital communications company based out of Knoxville, TN. Since 1998, we have continually provided a wide ranging client base with some of the best creative media in the marketplace. From custom, cutting edge websites and new media productions to traditional print, logo design and branding, our in-house capabilities allow us to offer complete digital marketing packages that drive our clients’ businesses—online, in print and over the air. We are an award winning boutique marketing company with a reputation for quality, creativity and value.
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